Effect Pedals Timeline

PSE series

1980 Yamaha introduced the Professional System Effectors (PSE) series. Including 3 Professional System Boards, the SB-200, SB-100 and SB-40 (see the collection tab). After two years in the Japanese catalogs they are introduced as ‘new’ in the 1982 US catalog.



SDS 10M series and PSE-40A

In 1985 Yamaha introduced their first Sound Device Systems, SDS pedals: the 10M series, and the modular PSE-40A


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The range of the 10M series included a Chorus, Flanger, Overdrive, Distortion, Graphic EQ and a Compressor.


SDS 20M and 10MII series

1987 the SDS 20M series was introduced, together with the 10MII series. The 20M series was called the ‘SDS Professional’ and had a Delay, Chorus and Distortion. The 10MII was called ‘SDS Standard’ and consisted of a Compressor, Distortion, Overdrive, Chorus, Flanger and Graphic EQ.

SDS 100 series

Within one year after that Yamaha introduced the long lived SDS 100 series. It started with 15 different pedals in 1988, up to 19 in 1990, and 26 in 1992. They were produced untill at least 1995.





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