The best forum on Yamaha instruments including a guitar section:

A lot of great information on vintage FG’s:

The Yamaha guitars and amps timeline as found on Yamaha Europe website:

Great information on recent yamaha acoustics, but also a lot of history:

Information on the production of Yamaha Guitars in the ‘Yamaha Guitars, Essential Knowledge”:

Vintage Guitar article on Yamaha SG’s:

The same on the Yamaha Image:

A lot of info on early SA’s and some great restore projects of these old Yamaha SA’s. Look at the Supposed String Meister website:

A great resource of Super Flighter information:, the most versatile guitar Yamaha ever made.

The John Denver Guitar Research Site with a huge amount of fantastic L-53 pics:

A lot of great pics of very old Yamama Dynamic Guitars:

Great pics and SG’s for sale on Elite Vintage Guitars and also a lot of SG info and great pics on

A lot of info on different Yamaha’s on Bill Alston’s website


A lot of old and newer Japanese catalogs: and The World of Musical Instrument Brochures:

Great resource of catalogs:

Other MIJ

Mark Fletcher’s great resource for vintage MIJ guitars:

Great vintage Tokais and spare parts:

Guitars and other gear

Deacci, hand-crafted pickups:





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