Sometimes a very rare Yamaha passes by on the web. Some are shown here. Hard to tell sometimes if they are real or fake. Some make some sense becourse they could be made around the time Yamaha switched from production facility or label etc.

A white Nippon Gakki label FG150:

Perhaps they continued making some home market FG150’s in Japan while switching the export production to Taiwan and using the MIT Red Label for these export guitars. Or perhaps they changed from Red Label Nippon Gakki to white label Nippon Gakki just before taking all FG150 production to Taiwan and changing to the MIT Red Label. The serial seems to indicate a 1972 guitar, but using the MIT numbering system.


A white Nippon Gakki label FG180:

This one is weird. Doesn’t look like a FG180 body shape. Manufacturing fault or fake?


1966/67 SA 5 with an early SG type head stock logo:


Very low serial: no. 20. Perhaps they started this way. This is how a regular SA5 logo looks like:

Took me some time to be sure it wasn’t fake. But this front of a 1966 flyer for the SG12 and the SA5 shows that there were early SG type logo’s on this kind of headstocks, in this case a SG12:

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